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Snow By The Numbers

Use our formula to calculate how much snow melting power you’ll need.

Our Reputation is what counts.

With a reputation built on quality, integrity, experience and repeat customers, Trecan Combustion is the most trusted snowmelter manufacturer in North America.

Experience, we have it!

Trecan is the only snowmelter manufacturer that can distribute an extensive customer referral list that is available to anyone.

Our Customers Matter.

Many of the largest cities in North America use Trecan Snowmelters. New York has been using Trecan Snowmelters for many years and recently ordered 16 more models. In 2007, Trecan entered Russia and supplied 16 models to Moscow.

Most of the busiest airports in North America use Trecan Snowmelters. These airports include: Pearson International Airport

  • Newark Airport
  • Logan International Airport
  • St. Paul International Airport
  • JFK International Airport
  • La Guardia International Airport
“Trecan will guarantee the capacity of our Snowmelters based on typical snow not containing...”